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Billy Eichner blaming weirdos, homophobes, and 'straight people in certain parts of the country' for his gay rom-com Bros tanking goes SO wrong

Billy Eichner’s gay rom-com ‘Bros’ opened with less than impressive numbers.

From AV Club:

Not everyone was smiling this weekend, especially the bros of Bros. Billy Eichner’s well-reviewed, historically significant rom-com pulled in an underwhelming $4.8 million, landing with a thud at No. 4. It’s another grim reminder that despite America’s enthusiasm for smiling, they still aren’t interested in seeing theatrically released comedies. After all, it is easier to stare blankly at TikTok while playing Office reruns in the background than to share a laugh with strangers. Maybe reminding audiences that this movie is funny in addition to historic would’ve been a worthwhile marketing exercise.


Ouch, right?

Or, you know, people are sick and tired of being lectured at the movies and just want to have a good time? Just spitballin’.

Instead of accepting the reality of his movie, Billy was quick to blame weirdos, homophobia, and ‘straight people in certain parts of the country’.


That still doesn’t mean people will want to go see it.

Sure they did … we’ll take, ‘Things that didn’t happen for $500, Alex.’

Nothing builds an audience like a little drama, right Billy?


Holy crap, dude.


Bro, people aren’t homophobic for not wanting to see your movie.


What century does he think this is?

Or, you know, it’s just not that groundbreaking. People have been gay and OUT for a long, long time.

Fair question.

Fourth place.


Oh YEAH … there’s that too.

So Billy hates half of this country, doesn’t want them to see his movie, then complains when his opening sucks.





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