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Must've sobered UP! Adam Kinzinger TRIES deleting most embarrassing tweet of ALL in bizarre attack on pro-life and baseballcrank (we got it)

You know, there are some advantages to being a Sunday morning editor on Twitchy … first of all you get a little bit of quiet (freaking Twitchy editors, always making a ruckus and stuff) and second, and perhaps the best part of all, is lunatics often will tweet crazy stuff on Saturday nights whether they’re imbibing spirits or just losing their marbles in general.


Like that absolute shiznit show from Adam Kinzinger attacking pro-lifers, babbling about Putin, and outright attacking baseballcrank (!!!) of being pro-Russia or something?

He went so far as to admit he’s acting like a Democrat activist …

Oh, he deleted that one BUUUUUT we got it.

So yep, he’s a Democrat activist.

Oh, c’mon Adam, we all knew anyway.

Why bother deleting the truth?

A little refresher of his epic meltdown right here …

What a disaster.


The craziest part was he attacked baseballcrank … we’re not sure we’ve seen a conservative who is more balanced and supportive of Ukraine than him. But hey, whatever floats Adam’s Democrat activist arse.


Just an absolute hot mess.

So no, nothing special.



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