Illinois congressman and future MSNBC correspondent, Adam Kinzinger, performed Olympic-level logic twisting, attempting to link ‘pro-lifers’ to support for Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

You may be wondering what Ukraine and Putin have to do with American citizens who oppose the killing of unborn babies. The easiest explanation is that late-stage TDS results in cognitive dissonance.

Yes, the tweet is bad. Strap in, because this is about to get wild!

Twitter took Kinzinger to task for his bizarre smear.

That was an impressive parsing of Kinzinger’s logic … and it still doesn’t make sense.

We’re pretty sure he’d be more pleasant if this was the case.

Ok, grab your popcorn. This is the part where things really go off the rails.

It’s the obvious question. What does Putin’s war in Ukraine have to do with pro-lifers?

Given the choice between clarifying and doubling down, Kinzinger chose crazy.

Yes, Dan McLaughlin, of all people, defender of Putin.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. If you’ve witnessed Kinzinger’s Twitter exchanges, you know that he’s very sensitive to criticism, gets defensive, and doubles down on the insults.

You know, the kind of behavior Kinzinger would say is typical of Donald Trump. Maybe that’s why he’s so obsessed with the former president?

This is astonishingly accurate.

Direct hit.

We told you it was crazy.

We’re pretty sure the Kinzinger staffers start drinking AFTER they read his tweets.

He really can’t help himself.

That’s putting it mildly.

Does naloxone only work for fentanyl? Asking for a guy who thinks we love Putin.

Welcome to intermission. Feel free to stretch your legs and get a refill at the concession stand.

Yep, he just replied ‘well, if he’s not a Putin-lover, why’d he respond to me?’ Wow.

We sort of enjoy crazy here at Twitchy, but we’re not gonna miss him.

Yeah, that’s a pretty solid reason. Surely, at this point, Kinzinger will realize the error of his ways and back down from his unhinged accusations?

You remember we’re talking about Adam Kinzinger, right?

Might as well sprinkle a little Hitler in there too. Why not, eh?

This guy. Geez.

It’s over, Adam. People see right through you.

Now that’s funny! LOL.

‘Daddy, do you remember when the Kinzinger Disintegration happened?’

‘I do son. I do.’

We’re certainly looking forward to the Everyone Who Disagrees with Me Loves Putin with Adam Kinzinger show on MSNBC.