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'BEG you to watch this' --> YouTube demonetizes Matt Taibbi's video showing high-profile media and Dems claiming 2016 election was STOLEN (watch)

After watching this video from Matt Taibbi, the one YouTube has now demonetized, this editor doesn’t want to hear another freakin’ WORD from any Democrat, media-type, or entertainer claiming Republicans questioning the 2020 election results are traitors or insurrectionists.





And it’s SO WELL DONE … we can see why YouTube is trying to keep it from making any money. Nothing says you’re meddling in elections like limiting certain voices.

We see you, Big Tech.



It’s insane that Americans are being held, many without charges, for saying and doing far less than this.

Oh, we especially love the footage of Hillary saying it over and over again … when do they raid her home again? The violence? Were those people arrested and held without charges?

Sadly, it’s all too real.


Biggest BS artists in history.




Wait, you mean North Korea ISN’T an ally?! ROFL! Correction issued on Kamala Harris’ Korea remarks (screenshot)

CNN twists itself into all SORTS of pretzels trying to admit we’re in a recession without SAYING we’re in a recession and HOO BOY

NOT a joke — > U.S. appoints diplomat for plants and animals and OH YEAH, Glenn Kessler conveniently left out WHO she’s married to


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