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'So TRUMPIAN': In case you were wondering how the Lockdown/ Mask-up crowd is taking Biden saying the pandemic is 'over' ... (YIKES)

Wow, Biden’s interview on 60 Minutes last night was a serious disaster. From arguing that inflation isn’t actually high (it only went up a LITTLE bit … to 8.3%) to claiming the only reason people don’t like him is that we won’t allow ourselves to be happy, this was one of his worst moments yet. And considering that ‘Red Speech’?



Perhaps the biggest news Biden dropped last night though was the fact the pandemic is OVER.

Not slowing, not improving. OVER.

Those of us who are able to think rationally knew this months (years) ago, but this was NEWS for some people who were absolutely broken by the government’s and the media’s messaging around COVID. And gosh, there were none too happy with Biden for saying such a ‘Trumpian’ thing.

White House walks back Biden saying the pandemic is over in 3 … 2 … 1

They’re so UPSET.

We can’t even really mock these people, we just feel sorry for them.

Ok, so some of them we can mock, and we will …

But this is just pathetic.


It’s so odd, people refusing to accept that we are not immortal and there is risk in life.

Ok, we’ll mock this one. LOOK AT HOW MUCH SHE CARES, she will continue to mask.

Make sure and pat her on the back, folks.

Or you know, sanity.


Humane people.

Alrighty then.



Umm … then freakin’ go to Walmart.

Just. So. Broken.

Two. Plus. Years.

You guys get the point.


Trust us, it doesn’t get ANY better from there on out.



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