This is crazy scary, you guys.

The Good Info Foundation allegedly offered to pay a TikTok’r money to put out specific talking points in an anti-Trump/anti-Republican/J6 video on their channel. Whoever this guy is, he just opened everyone’s eyes to what is going on even on TikTok. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been pretty sure all along that ‘someone’ is paying for the anti-Trump narrative on social media (especially with J6) but yikes, these talking points sound very very very familiar.

Just wow.

Watch this.

He’s not a fan of Trump, so he doesn’t really have a reason to make any of this up.

We knew they were afraid of Trump but WOWZA. This is about Democrats knowing they have NOTHING ELSE TO RUN ON, so they’re working through various channels like the Good Info Foundation to ‘spread’ this level of irrational fear, anger, and insanity. Look at how they want people to think this is ongoing, that it’s not resolved, that it’s not just Trump but Trump Republicans … and they want it framed as an attack on America. An attack on ‘my country’.

Gosh, is anyone else reminded a little bit of Biden’s Red Speech?

Creepy, right?

Fair question.

Exactly. JUST $400?

But if they’re offering this to several people it makes sense. Maybe they offer those with higher followings on TikTok more?


Sounds like we all need to take a good look at the Good Info Foundation.


Corruption at BEST.



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