Another day, another embarrassing tweet from Eric Swalwell.

What’s even worse about this tweet though is he’s quote-tweeting the biggest boil on the butt of humanity, Peter Strzok himself. Considering these two are complete hypocrites (between Eric’s Chinese spy and Strzok’s bizarre texts with Lisa Page) we’re not sure they have any room to talk smack about Trump and his attorney.

And plus, if anyone knows anything about ‘always be projecting,’ it’s Democrats. ESPECIALLY Swalwell.

The irony, right?

Because Democrats aren’t the ones projecting.

Not at all.

There was all sorts of underhanded and sneaky shiznit going on with the Russian collusion hoax, and Eric was absolutely a part of it all.

As was Strzok.

We have no idea why a screenshot of Swalwell’s own words is marked as sensitive content.

You should never vote for Swalwell.

Just sayin’.

Hey now, if anyone knows about projection, it’s Eric.



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