The more we read from Elie Mystal the more it makes sense that Joy Reid has him on her show so much.

And that’s not a compliment.

Seems our pals on the Left are really really really angry at DeSantis and Republicans in general for having the NERVE to send 48 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s as if they either don’t know or choose to ignore that MV is actually a sanctuary city and this is literally what they’re agreeing to when declaring themselves as such.

We hate to break it to Elie, but MV kicked those illegal immigrants off their island within 44 hours – the National Guard was brought in (over 100 of them) to show them the exit.

Maybe Elie has a different understanding of the word ‘compassionate’.

How was putting 48 illegal immigrants in a basement with a few meals and then shipping them off to a military base ‘solving the problem’?

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t say it.

RedSteeze was good enough to chime in:

We suppose the problem was ‘solved’ for Martha’s Vineyard.



Elie had no real comeback for this.

We know, you’re shocked.

Cue the race tweets.


Elie again has no answer …

Kidnapping them.


We can’t even with this nonsense.

Pretty sure Elie would fail this challenge.



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