You’d think an ‘ethics guy’ like Walter Shaub would know the difference between pointing in the air and a Nazi salute … just kidding. There’s no such thing as a real ethics expert on the Left because if he was actually an expert on ethics he would never be a Leftist.

What’s really funny (in a sad way) is how obsessed Walt is with getting this out there. He’s tweeted it multiple times.

Guess it’s not trending, maybe we should help him out? It won’t trend the way he wants it to but we can all have a good laugh at him in the process, right?

11 replies only.


And again.

90 that time.

Getting there, Walt.

Oops, nope, 40 replies.

The BlueAnon crap didn’t work when Trump was president and it doesn’t work now. Pointing your finger in the air is not a Nazi salute, no matter how many times Walt here tries to claim it is.

Nazi is the new racist or something. Or is that insurrectionist?

Lefty ethics?



Got away with it. NAZIS!

One has to wonder if there are Nazis in the room with Walt RIGHT now.



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