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'They have to move ON': Sanctuary City Martha's Vineyard resident says they can't DEAL with 50 illegal immigrants because REASONS (watch)

It’s been fascinating watching the same people who keep telling us over and over again how selfish, horrible, and xenophobic southern states like Texas and Florida are for voicing concerns about our leaking southern border. Forget that many border towns in these states don’t have the necessary resources either … it’s DIFFERENT for people who live in Martha’s Vineyard.


Or something.

Watch this resident try and explain why they don’t want those ‘people’ there:

Oh, boo-freakin’-hoo.

They’re worried about resources for illegal immigrants? Gosh, sounds like every border town ever. Except this same woman complaining about their inability to provide services for a whole 50 PEOPLE would probably sneer at the border towns talking about not being able to handle the THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants they must deal with every day. They just want to virtue signal about being a Sanctuary City, they don’t actually want to do the work.


This has been a serious eye-opener.

DeSantis wins.

Homeless shelter.

That figures.


No biggie.

There ya’ go.

See, we’re always thinking!

Oh, one final thing:

Gosh, sounds like they can handle 50 people.



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