Democrats LOVE illegal immigration … in someone else’s backyard.

That’s why we’re seeing them melt TF down today over DeSantis daring to send illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. People have called him cruel, inhumane, unfair, racist, etcetera for sending these folks to a beautiful part of this country that happens to be a sanctuary city.

Gosh, you’d think they’d be happy considering they care so much about making sure illegal immigrants feel accepted.

Just not in their backyard.

Ben Shapiro explained this far better than we can:

Democrats are always very generous, with other people’s money and property.

And communities.

We haven’t seen them this upset since we freed their slaves. OH C’MON, WE COULDN’T HELP IT.


Affordable housing is a right until it shows up in your wealthy neighborhood, right Robert Reich?

Eventually, the bill comes due.

DeSantis and Abbott sent out the ‘bills’ …

And our pals on the Left don’t want to pay up.

Like, at all.



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