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GASLIGHTING: Katie Pavlich takes Biden to TASK for lying about saving millions of retirees with his inflation-raising American Rescue Plan

Biden lies so much he’s lying about lies …

Sorry, let’s try that again.

Biden is repeating so many lies from his puppet masters that they don’t even know what lie they’re lying about on what day. And we all know he has zero clue about what’s been tweeted in his name, like this garbage where he’s supposedly claiming his American Rescue Plan saved millions of retirees from losing their retirement security.


In reality, it had the opposite effect but hey, nobody ever accused these people of being honest.

Thank GOD not a single Republican voted for it.

What a disaster.

Katie Pavlich was having none of Biden’s intern’s crap:

Biden and the Democrats did this.

Vote accordingly.

This tweet overall went really badly for Joe Joe the Turnip President:


Yup, that’s who he is.

See his ‘Red Speech’.



What a disaster.



Let the spin, BEGIN! USA Today and other Lefty rags claiming LOWER GAS PRICES take the sting out of increased inflation does NOT go well

‘MUH Handmaid’s Tale’! Media/Lefties working OVERTIME to terrify Americans about Republican’s abortion bill they KNOW will hurt Democrats

Miranda Devine uses footage of Rick Wilson calling for people ‘to put a bullet in Trump’ to DROP the FBI and their search for extremism (watch)


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