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Who they really ARE --> Portlander's response to Trump supporter being shot and killed is jaw-droppingly HATEFUL (watch)

Imagine if a Trump supporter acted this way about a Biden supporter being shot and killed.


Gosh, we’d hate to see this woman get famous for something like this … right? We probably shouldn’t share it and stuff because you know she wouldn’t want to be seen for the miserable, horrible, ugly person she really is by millions and millions of people.


*cough cough*


Really have no words for how awful this is.

Forget politics, you’d think someone would just have sympathy for another human being losing their lives in such a violent way. BUT you know, Biden has really done a bang-up job of dehumanizing, vilifying, and objectifying Trump supporters, so in her mind, she’s laughing about the death of someone who ‘deserved it’.

Conservatives are the ones destroying the country, being violent, and dangerous.


Fair point.




Ahem, GOP?



BUT TRUUUMP: The View’s HARPIES find a way to smear 74 million Americans as racists, white supremacists, and misogynists (watch)

Desperate MUCH?! Blue Virginia BUSTED deliberately cropping Black Virginians out of pic to make Youngkin and other VA Repubs look racist

Mansplain to us, WE LOVE IT: Leftist ‘husband’ gets WAY MORE than he asks for questioning women on why they’d ever vote Republican


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