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Andy Ngô's thread on #Memphis gunman shines DAMNING light on Democrats caring more about the CRIMINAL than the victim

Wednesday night, Americans watched as a gunman drove around Memphis, TN opening fire on people for no reason. Oh, and the way we all watched was this guy was streaming it on Facebook. Now, our pals on the Left were front and center screaming about gun control before we even knew who the gunman was or how many were shot and killed, so this editor doesn’t feel at all guilty about pointing out this bast*rd should never have been on the street last night, to begin with. This isn’t about politicizing it, it’s about pointing out how crime has been politicized already …


Democrats have spent years now putting the criminal before the victim.

Andy Ngô had a great thread on what was happening in Memphis and about the gunman himself.

Terrifying to see that from local police.

People hunkering down in their homes to avoid being shot by some lunatic who shouldn’t have been free in the first place.

Ezekiel Kelly.

Oh, we know the gunman’s name, we just don’t want to give him any more publicity in the headline.

This is where things get REALLY REALLY REALLY infuriating.

Why TF was he released early? Why TF were the other charges dismissed?

CLEARLY, Kelly belonged behind bars.



Just a monster.

Andy brings up a good point here. So many times, our Lefty pals in organizations like Black Lives Matter claim only white criminals are brought in alive.


We’re seeing a whole lot of Lefty narratives being taken down with this incident.

Kelly is a monster, but the people who set him free? They’re the worst of the worst.

Four people, dead.

As the Left begins thumping their chests claiming ‘GUNS ARE DUH PROBLEM’, remind them the real issue is Democrats putting criminals before victims and not wanting to enforce the law because it’s racist or inequitable.


Remember the Christmas Parade ‘crash’?

Yeah, this is what we get with Democrats in charge. Oops, that’s making this political.

Sorry, not sorry.



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