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‘Ya’ did a racism’: Blue-check troll account The USA Singers TROUNCED for saying Black for Trump have 'sh*t for brains'

Guess racism is ok for lefty accounts on Twitter?

The USA Singers seems to think Black Americans who support Trump have ‘sh*t for brains …

We’re not surprised they went this route yesterday when Blacks for Trump was trending on Twitter. Talk about an embarrassing account though. Seriously. Take a look through their timeline and it’s like a 12-year-old who thinks curse words are edgy got ahold of it and is going full ‘edgelord’.


Go ahead, losers, say the quiet part out loud.

A verified account means Twitter is ok with its content and material.


Ain’t that the truth?

Then they clarified they hate EVERYONE who disagrees with them.

As good bigots always do.

Classy, right?

But you know, MAGA Republicans are the fascists.




Crazy pot, MEET KETTLE: Taylor Lorenz has a beef with a ‘certain class of media reporters’ who report on the horrible crap she says and LOL (watch)


WOW, a whole new LOW! Another day, another Biden poll that spells BAD news for both him AND his party (hellooo midterms!)

Jonathan Turley points out how HILLARY may actually KEEP Garland from making a case against Trump and the Left can’t DEEEAL


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