Taylor Lorenz has a problem with a certain class of media reporters who sit on Twitter all day and report on things people tweet … no seriously. STOP LAUGHING. She thinks it’s bullsh*t and stuff because like, we should be reporting on like, how the media works, not like ya’ know, creating juicy conflicts and stuff.

Gosh, it’s almost as if she has a beef with us.

Like, maybe if, you know, she didn’t like, totally act like a, ya’ know, insane cyber bully and like, treat doxxing innocent people as if it were real like, reporting, we wouldn’t have to like, totally cover her so much.

UGH, we can only make fun of the way she talks for so long before it makes our brains hurt writing like that. Also, this video is from June 13, which was when Felicia Sonmezes from WaPo was joining in on the latest Taylor drama so our GUESS is she was mad at a lot of sites making fun of that entire dumpster fire. But gosh, golly, gee, we couldn’t help but feel a little warm-hearted thinking she may have been complaining about us.

Watch this:

Like, yeah!


Our dogs MIGHT have whined a little listening to her babble on.

Seriously! Ok, so this editor loved Kate Bush hearing Kate Bush in the latest Stranger Things but change the record, literally.

Lucky her!



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