Someone should tell these WaPo peeps they NEVER want to be the story.

HOO BOY, dear reader, if you spent any time at all on Twitter this weekend you couldn’t MISS the drama, insanity, and entertainment surrounding two WaPo ‘writers’, Taylor Lorenz (of course), and Felicia Sonmez. Taylor was the usual Taylor drama (claiming she reached out to a source, she didn’t, WaPo corrected multiple times, was still accused of lying, etc.), and Felicia was upset because David Weigle retweeted a joke.

No. Really.

But hey, Democracy dies in darkness or something?

Glenn Greenwald was good enough to recap the noise from both writers in a pretty perfect thread:

This has provided some great perspective for people who thought THEY had an obnoxious coworker. Seriously.

You know she’s a lot of fun at birthday parties.



What a performance that was.

It will all somehow boil down to some right-wing plot to smear them and cause infighting … you guys think we’re kidding. Taylor has already claimed anyone reporting on the MULTIPLE corrections to her crap piece is a right-wing smear campaign.

They work and they slave, and what thanks do they get?!

Still lying.

Go WaPo, go!

Who’s the biggest victim here? YOU decide!

Awww, poor babies.


No, no they have not.





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