Remember how much the Left and the media (we know, same difference) complained when Trump would golf on the weekends while he was president? Implying that since he wasn’t working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, he was a bad president? Guess they’re ok with Biden taking the weekend off at the beach while they sit home and worry about whether or not they can put groceries on their table this week.

Or you know, they blame Putin because they’re that freakin’ brain dead.

Because of course, this is where Biden is.

Americans are choosing between milk in the fridge or gas in their car, and the man responsible is chilling at the beach.

Public service must be nice.

Pretending it’s Putin’s fault.

Pretty much.

Hanging at the beach, apparently.

Something like that.

Give the puppet the weekend off?

Obama’s a giver.




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