Awww yes, the infamous actress who was made famous because Trump blocked her for being an annoying troll. Hey, no one ever accused the Left of having high standards for who they celebrate, and under Trump, the more obnoxious and LOUD people were, the more the Left cheered them on.

That’s what happens when your entire political ideal is built on emotions and bumper sticker talking points.

She really thought she could ‘speak for all of us’, that’s cute.

Or she was trolling – maybe both.

Putin’s price hike.


We wondered who that 30% of Americans who still think Biden is doing a good job were. Not the brightest bulbs, that’s for sure.

Ummm … what?

Yeah, this didn’t go so hot.

Whatever it is, they’re overpaying.

Hey, they said please.

Impressive, eh?




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