Libs of TikTok was locked out of her Twitter account for seven days for reporting the truth about ‘gender care’ in a children’s hospital. Read that again, the people performing these procedures on minors who really and truly do not have the mental capacity to make such permanent and life-changing modifications to their bodies are the victims, and LOTT is the villain for REPORTING ON IT.

Yeah yeah, we know you know Twitter is backward (like most of big tech, mainstream media, Hollywood, and everyone else carrying water for the dangerous progressive movement) but we still feel the need to report on what’s happening to one of the most influential right-leaning accounts there.

That is of course WHY she’s the villain in their eyes, but we digress.

And of course, since LOTT is back, internet bully Taylor Lorenz is gnashing her teeth and targeting her for harassment.


Sorry, Taylor, Libs of TikTok fights back. Get used to it. She won’t be bullied or terrorized …

Deal with it, all day, every day.


Taylor was on a ‘roll’ though:

This time LOTT is on the offensive, not the defensive.

Please consider giving them money to help Taylor harass people and pretend it’s journalism.



We all get cranky as we age.



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