Adam Kinzinger defending Biden … shocker.

Ummm … what?

When did Trump attack voters? When did he demand half of this country be defeated and cast out? Attacked? You may think Trump did and said a lot of stupid shiznit, but nothing like this. Luckily, Twitchy favorite Dr. Strangetweet was good enough to take Kinzginer apart for us.

Keep going.

So many people have forgotten so much.

Or they think we have.

Ugh, MeidasTouch. What a sad group of butt-sniffers they are.

The same MTG who was swatted three times in a few days?

But sure, she’s the problem.

All Biden did was divide the country, el oh el.

Yeah, we’re thinking Bob didn’t watch the whole thing.

Dan has no idea about much of anything, so there’s that.



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