Even as Joe Biden tries to walk back his hate-filled, bigoted, ugly, dystopian fascist speech where he attacked tens of millions of Americans last night, Rob Reiner proves himself a loyal and dedicated subject. He’s so damn happy about the sitting president declaring war on his own citizens …

Have we mentioned Trump broke these people because WOOF.

The truth?


Reiner may be past broken at this point. And WTF is ‘democratic self rule?’


What a dork.

Weird hero you’ve got there, Rob.

That’s what this is really all about. Democrats know they’re in trouble in November, so instead of focusing on the country and the economy and the world, they want us talking about Trump and fighting about who is and who isn’t a fascist.

In hopes that maybe, just maybe, they won’t get their clocks cleaned.

That red wave has never been more needed than now.



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