So Jonah Goldberg agrees with much of what Joe Biden said during his declaration of war against people who didn’t vote for him, but he thinks it was a strategic mistake or something. Truth be told, we stopped trying to understand why Goldberg says/tweets the things he does since he seemingly lost his mind over Trump. It’s one thing to disagree with or even dislike Trump, it’s quite another to completely give everything you’ve always believed up because of one bad orange man.

And then to have such disdain for the people who put him where he is today.

This is sad.

He agrees with the dictator BUT …

Not a great look.

At. All.

He doesn’t like it because it could backfire on Biden and help the GOP win in November.


Gotta please those ‘Dispatch’ readers, ya’ know.

Hard to believe he’s the same guy, right? That’s what really hurts the most with Jonah, like, HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

We wish.


Hey man, you never know.

He doesn’t care so much that he tweeted about it.




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