Wartime address.

Really Joe.

In this case … really, both Joes?

Urgent, wartime address.

Huh. Biden did more than smear millions of Americans last night.

Who are we at war with, guys? Are you admitting Biden declared war on 74 million Americans last night? Not just admitting it, but celebrating it?

This is repugnant.


It’s. Terrifying.

Can’t help but wonder if they’re trying to bait people into violence at this point.

Honestly, this editor has no words to adequately describe how horrific and terrifying Biden’s speech was last night.

A sitting president declared war on his own people … for disagreeing with him. AND SPARE US the BS about MUH MAGA REPUBLICANS because that doesn’t fly. He painted a target on anyone who disagrees with him and his administration.

Sure seems that way.

Pray for this country, as you’ve never prayed before.



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