Hey 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, if you don’t like being called a semi-fascist you’re just being divisive and hiding or something. No really, that’s Karine Jean-Pierre’s answer when questioned about people understandably being ticked off over President Pudding Pop smearing them as would-be Nazis.

We don’t remember any other president attacking voters personally this way, except maybe Obama. Clingers?


Then again, many people believe this is simply Obama’s third term, and this time he has nothing to lose so it’s really really really bad.

Either way … watch this:

Biden sucks. And so does his press secretary.

Sorry, not sorry.

Dagummit this really pisses this editor off. She talks about Trump voters as if they are not even real people, that they’re trying to hide, that they’re being divisive for not wanting to be called fascists by the president of their own country.


*argle bargle rar*

All day.

Let’s hope so.

Ya’ think?



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