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Conservatism is the NEW punk rock --> Dropkick Murphys champion Biden's establishment and I just can't keep MY middle finger down

Ugh, you guys.

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the Dropkick Murphys for decades. Yes, yes I did just totally age myself but it’s true. I’ve been moshing out in my chair listening to this punk group for a long long long time … since the ‘olden times’ as my teenage kids like to say.

Yeah, they think they’re funny.

And I suppose since in my mind 20 years ago is still the 80s, they’re probably right.

Welp, one of the reasons I have loved this band for a long time is because they were always challenging ‘the man’. The establishment. They sang about not being able to stop from flipping people off.

Totally my thing, right?

Sounds like they’ve totally lost their way and are now bragging about picking fights with people who wear red hats.

This is painfully sad, watch:

Standing up there like he’s all hardcore supporting the biggest authoritarian establishment president ever. Babbling about unions? And c’mon old man, anyone wearing a red hat would just outrun you.

Conservatives are the new punks.

Sorry, not sorry.

We’re the ones giving the establishment the finger, we’re the ones fighting for the people …

No, we just realize what punk is and is not.

It’s not about MAGA or anything else.

Punk would never ever support what Biden is doing to this country … they wouldn’t support any administration acting like authoritarians. And Ken Casey should freakin’ know better.

Yeah, I’m using my own tweet because I don’t want to write this out again.

So. Punk. Rock.

*eye roll*

I can never keep MY middle finger down …



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