Marc Elias knows he’s Marc Elias, right?

If there is any topic he should avoid writing, tweeting, or talking about it is definitely elections. And pretending Biden was somehow justified in threatening … sorry … WARNING Republicans about voter suppression?


Look at the picture he used even:

From Democracy Docket:

Since the Jan. 6 insurrection, Republicans have launched a massive election subversion effort aimed at undermining the accurate counting of ballots and certification of election results. The risk of domestic election subversion by the GOP is now a greater risk to free and fair elections than foreign interference.

It was against this backdrop that President Joe Biden gave a national prime-time address on Thursday, Sept. 1 on the growing risks the Republican Party poses to the future of democracy. The president’s central thesis was simple: The Republican Party is controlled by Trump sycophants (what Biden called “MAGA Republicans”) who are systematically undermining American democracy.

Systematically undermining American democracy. Dude, Democrats are in charge of EVERYTHING.

Standing before Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden captured the immediacy of the threat facing our country this November: “Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win, or they were cheated.” Yet, that is exactly what Republicans say they believe. And it is what we have seen Republicans insist in nearly every close election in the last two years.

Don’t mind us, we just threw up in our mouths a little bit.

Elias wouldn’t actually know or even care about what Republicans really think even if we wasted our time, broke out the puppets and crayons, and tried to explain it to him.


Seriously horrible.



Fun fun.

It was Democrats who ‘fortified’ the election in 2020.

But sure, pretend it’s Republicans who are the problem.



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