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EPIC thread-letter to a small cabinetmaker from 'your government' is hands-DOWN the best (most infuriating) thing you'll read today

In case you weren’t angry enough about what the federal government has been doing to Americans for the past few years, this thread from Ann Bauer that reads as a letter from the government to a small cabinetmaker oughta do the trick.


She managed to hit each and every point just perfectly.

Take a gander:

Target, Home Depot, Walmart … all of these big box stores were AOK but you small businesses? SORRY, gotta shut ya’ down to keep ya’ safe. But don’t worry, we’ll pretend we care about you and come up with some government spending program.

That will go to mainly wealthy politicians and our pals.


Banks that were so overwhelmed they couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Keep going.



Tiny bit of inflation.


Nailed it.

Oh, that’s right, the stress.







Good times.

And a Trumper!

Yup, our government did ALL of this (and more).

Infuriating, ain’t it?



Don’t wanna say the DOJ set Trump up BUUUT … Thread of FBI affidavit ‘oddities’ pretty damn DAMNING (FISA docs?!)

So. Much. THIS –> Gina Carano perfectly and powerfully extends her middle finger to haters making her trend on Twitter

COWARDS! Lefties can’t DEAL with Libs of TikTok decimating groomers and other degenerates so Twitter locks her … again


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