Twitter has locked Libs of TikTok out … again. Apparently, calling out a hospital for performing hysterectomies on kids under 16 is ‘hateful conduct.’ We’d think mutilating children who are really not old enough to make such decisions about their own bodies is pretty damn hateful but hey, what do we know?

Up is down.

Right is wrong.

Hello is goodbye.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Because of course.

If only she’d stop picking on those poor GROOMERS.

She tells the truth.

That’s offensive to liars.

They just feel like it’s hateful conduct and stuff …


There it is.

It’s not about hateful conduct at all, if it was there would be plenty of rage donkeys on the Left getting locked down … no no, it’s about people who disagree with their approved narrative and refuse to back down from calling it OUT.

Twitter really should just call it what it really is – silencing the opposition.



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