This FBI raid just looks worse and worse.

It’s gone from TOP SECRET NUCLEAR DOCUMENTS to umm, we’re not sure what he had but it’s super duper bad so even though we waited 18 months to go in they were clearly really important for us to go in, and get.

Honestly, if they really had something (anything), this would be a much bigger story. As it is, we’re really only seeing right-leaning media cover it, and when they do, it’s only to point out issues and oddities.

Like this thread of reporting from Paul Sperry, who Twitter suspended:

No obstruction header … what?

This is nutty.

Keep going.

So the DOJ ordered Trump to keep those same docs in that same room which could potentially make them unsafe.

What now?

Anyone else think this sounds fishy?

Were they setting him up?

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

There were marked FISA.


None of this makes any actual sense.



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