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WHO DID THIS?! LOL! It appears even Google is getting in on pointing and laughing at Brian Stelter leaving CNN (screenshot)

Ok, so considering Google typically leans very Left and it’s very obvious in their search results when they’re trying to keep certain groups, parties, and people from looking bad, that this is the result you get when you search Mr. Potato Head under their News tab is simply spectacular.


Not that we want to give them any sort of credit for being funny or clever, this is likely some anomaly or accident in their algorithm but man, we totally snort-laughed when this came across our timeline:


C’mon, it’s the little things that keep us going, especially when covering a Hellsite like Twitter.

We are totally the guy in the middle.

And now we’re dead.


Not something we see every day.



Joe Walsh tries picking a fight with the Libertarian Party over Liz Cheney and it goes SO WRONG for the guy who threatened to take up a musket for Trump

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Honey, just take the L! Brianna Wu calling for Matt Walsh’s suspension for speaking out against children’s ‘trans health programs’ goes SO wrong


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