There’s a reason Democrats blocked efforts to keep their new 87,000 IRS agents from auditing anyone making under $400k, and if we needed proof, all we have to do is watch this IRS training scenario posted by Thomas Massie.

Notice who they’re going after … it’s not some evil billionaire.


Democrats want you to believe the IRS is only coming after rich people. That’s a lie.

They will like be targeting small business owners.

Otherwise, why use a landscaper as a test scenario?

Editor’s note: It has come to our attention this footage is from 2017 HOWEVER, in our humble opinion, this only makes things worse. Clearly, the IRS has been targeting small business owners like a landscaper for years, and Biden wants to add MORE agents. They’re not coming after evil billionaires, sorry, not sorry. – sj

Sadly all too accurate.

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!

Flat or Fair Tax.


They’re coming for your $601 dollar Venmo payment.


Disgusting doesn’t even begin to touch how awful this will be.

Biden and the Democrats did this during a RECESSION as well.

Vote accordingly in November.



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