Wonder if the January 6th Committee has seen this?

Then again, even if they have, it’s not as if they care or will put this before the American people because it shows another side of the riot that day, one they would rather ignore as they work to push one side and one side ONLY.

Nancy Pelosi’s side.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Hey man, it’s hard not to put on the tinfoil when you see threads like this one from documentarian Ford Fischer:


That seems sorta … strange, right?

Like, why would he wear that hat, and is he leading people out?

Where did he get the hat? When? And we thought the Oath Keepers were the bad guys …

Imagine if they released all of the footage.

It’s really the only way Americans will ever really know what happened that day.

So strange.

Suppose that’s possible although to be honest, this still doesn’t sit right.

None of this does.

This is just creepy.

It certainly seems a bit one-sided.

That it does.

Americans actually find out what really happened that day.

And it seems certain very powerful people do not want that.



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