Tom Elliott seems awfully heartbroken over Brian Stelter leaving CNN.

Like big tears.


HA ha.


Ok, so in our defense, he said he had a tear in his eye when he put this thread together of his favorite Stelter memories. We had so much fun watching these videos and clips we too have a tear in our eyes, from laughing.

Memories … like the corners of Brian’s mind …

No hoax was too hoax-y for Bri. He kept on believing.

He might as well have said, ‘How can we kiss more of your backside?’

We got nothin’.

Funny how Rogan’s podcast is still like super popular and Bri’s show is … well, not.

We are in a recession and it does matter.

When do they fire Krugman?

Freakin’ Canadians! They can’t even get bacon right!

Instant classic.


We’re going to go out on a limb here and say Bri hasn’t been to too many parties.


BUH-BYE, Tater.

Happy trails and stuff.



‘Just poured one out … ‘ Here are some of the best reactions (memes, gifs, etc) to Brian Stelter ‘leaving’ CNN and BAHAHAHA

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