If we see one more self-important mouth-breather whining about red states with smaller populations having equal representation in the Senate we’re going to buy a bunch of freakin’ Civics Books and start sending them out for free.

Or chucking them at their heads. We can’t decide.

Oh, we know David Sirota (who blocked this editor, how rude!) knows how this actually works and is just trolling or playing stupid for retweets and favs but still.

This. Is. So. Old.

And stupid.

Notice dullards like David never complain about the small BLUE STATES having two senators. Huh.

Dullard is his word, by the way.

We just thought we’d use it since he seems so fond of it.

The irony of him telling others they look like dullards.

Maybe his blocking this editor was a good thing.


There ya’ go.

Yeah, we’ll take people like this dullard David seriously when they start b*tching about blue states having the same number of senators. What it really boils down to is dullards like David can’t deal with red states having a say in anything …

How very authoritarian of dullard David.

Hence no complaining about blue states.

Yeah, we know.



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