Mike Pence is fussy with people on the Right for daring to criticize the FBI.

Does Mike mean THIS FBI? Surely not! Julie Kelly was good enough to remind him WHY Americans, in general, might not be exactly pleased with the FBI these days in what we would call a fairly damning thread. Keep in mind, that this is just a handful of what has likely occurred; if you’d like to keep up with what is happening now with the J6 prisoners and the Whitmer fednapping, make sure to follow Julie.

Meanwhile, this thread is pretty freakin’ infuriating all by itself:

Oh, that’s right.

But don’t worry, the FBI was busy watching evil parents daring to push back on their school boards.

Wait, there’s more.

No matter what!

18 months of his life gone.

Does Mike really think we shouldn’t criticize things like this?

Thinking Mike may not have thought this one all the way through.

We’re sure he’d support Pence in that we shouldn’t criticize the FBI.




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