WOOF, and we thought Ana Navarro was an annoying Liz Cheney fangirl. Thinking Geraldo Rivera with his babbling BS about heroic Liz takes the insane cake.



Forget that Liz is leaving with far more money than she came into her seat with … but she has absolutely been using Wyoming as a stepping stool for bigger things. Otherwise, she would have listened to the people who sent her to DC to represent THEM.

Not herself.

Liz actually ended her own career, Jerry.

Greg Gutfeld with the one-two.

Greg. Gets. It.

Lazy thinkers want to make this about Trump (hence, Geraldo) but at the end of the day, this was really about Wyoming, Wyomingites, and Liz failing them for the past two years. When she actually did her job and represented them, they were more than happy to send her back to DC.

Dude, just stop.

Anybody who hates who they hate is a good guy, even if they used to hate them as much as they hate the current person they hate.

Or something.



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