Any time a Democrat claims, ‘these are the facts,’ you KNOW a bunch of BS is about to follow.

Democrats wouldn’t know a fact if one fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle.

Case in point:

Democrats really don’t want the middle class knowing they just raised their taxes.

Forget that every time they raise taxes on those evil corporations those same corporations pass those tax increases down to the consumer, but even the nonpartisan CBO has said The Inflation Reduction Act will squeeze an additional $20 billion out of the middle class.

Gosh, we’re not tax experts but that sure as shiznit sounds like people making less than $400k will be paying more in taxes.

And just WAIT for all those audits … good times.

Thanks, Democrats!

Christina Pushaw only needed two tweets to take this claim (and their account) apart:

Oh, there are some idjits who believe them, and sadly, they are the same idjits who will get hit with new taxes BUT overall no, nobody buys this crap.

Yeah, nobody believes them.

Not even a little.


Amen amen!




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