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Progressive CEO Dan Price, who Robert Reich once called 'the one moral CEO in America', accused of MULTIPLE sexual assault allegations

We spend a lot of time listening to the Left complain about EVIL CEOs who make a bunch of money because you know, running a company is super easy and stuff. But you know, they found ONE CEO they thought was this super good guy named Dan Price – they liked him because he paid his employees a minimum of $70k a year. He also got all high and mighty on his Twitter account acting like he was the kindest, bestest CEO ever!


And progressives like Robert Reich ate it UP.

There’s just one problem:

A big problem.

From the New York Times:

But Mr. Price found an antidote to obscurity: Social media. Tweet by tweet, his online persona grew back. The bad news faded into the background. It was the opposite of being canceled. Just as social media can ruin someone, so too can it — through time, persistence and audacity — bury a troubled past.

Mr. Price’s internet fame has enabled a pattern of abuse in his personal life and hostile behavior at his company, interviews with more than 50 people, documents and police reports show. He has used his celebrity to pursue women online who say he hurt them, both physically and emotionally. Ms. Margis is one of more than a dozen women who spoke to The New York Times about predatory encounters with Mr. Price.

One of more than a dozen.

But we thought he was the one moral CEO?! That’s what Robert Reich said, anyway.

Ya’ think?



As the old saying goes, if something seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is.



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