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'You need to APOLOGIZE': Mollie Hemingway shuts #NeverTrump Stephen Hayes DOWN for shaming Harriet Hageman over a lie she did NOT tell

It’s like Stephen Hayes and his pals never get anything right.

As Twitchy readers know, Politico thought they had this big ol’ GOTCHA on Harriet Hageman, accusing her of lying about Liz Cheney not calling her to concede. They sent this EXCLUSIVE recording and everything to prove Trump’s candidate was A LIAR!


Yeah, it was obnoxious.

And you know Stephen couldn’t wait to jump on the ol’ shame Harriet Hageman bandwagon. This is really awful and hateful, but you know, it’s Trump who’s the problem or something.

What a toad.

Oh, and then when he realized he made a mistake he ‘apologized.’

Not for the horrible things he said, but for getting it wrong.

As we said, a toad.

They’re so broken over Trump that everything they do and say is a disaster – they’ve given up control over their own ideas to a man they despise because they’ve let their own hatred eat them up.


Maybe find another line of work.

Yeah, that could work.



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WOMP womp: Politico’s EXCLUSIVE gotcha on Harriet Hageman supposedly lying about Liz Cheney’s concession message bites the DUST


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