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WHOA... WTF?! FBI informant in Whitmer kidnapping trial drops bombshell about the FBI requesting police allow armed protesters in the Capitol

The so-called ‘hits’ just keep on a-comin’ for our friends in the FBI.

Again, not great timing for the FBI, with the whole raiding Trump’s house thing …


Not great at all.






Let the armed protesters INTO the Capitol to de-escalate.

That totally makes sense.

You know the face you make when you see a person all masked up driving their car ALONE with the windows rolled up? Yup, just made that face.

Who indeed?




What else are we going to find out about this FBI?



I used to think Liz Cheney was AWESOME, even a friend … I was wrong, so very very very wrong (vote accordingly, Wyoming)

‘The Atlantic is bad. REALLY bad’: RedSteeze takes The Atlantic APART for a plethora of crap articles (attacking the Rosary?) in BRUTAL thread

Clean up, aisle 5! Noah Smith melts down and starts citing HIMSELF over and over again in heated debate about solar versus nuclear

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