Long, long ago in a magical state most Americans haven’t even HEARD OF called Wyoming, I sat across from a woman I thought was a total bada*s eating lunch, Liz Cheney. I was ABSOLUTELY starstruck as I had been watching her work to get elected in the Equality State and loved that she was a tough-as-nails Republican WOMAN. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to play the woman card as a conservative but guys, it’s true.

Not to mention her dad was there too, Dick Cheney himself. I even stood in line to get him to sign a book for my father-in-law. I can’t tell you what it’s like to sit down next to a man who has seemed larger than life, who you’ve seen SNL make fun of as Darth Vader, the man many thought of as the backbone of W’s administration and just you know … hang out. Like he was RIGHT THERE eating his lunch, and his daughter was right there too.

And I bought it all.

Yeah, I was conned. Totally, completely, and absolutely conned.

When I sat down with her to chat at first I was really shy and a little nervous about her realizing who I was on Twitter (I used to be a bit more ‘colorful’ back in the day). When she found out I was THAT bunny she was so complimentary going so far as to tell me, ‘You say the things I wish I could say.’



Ok fine, looking back it wasn’t my finest moment. Like at all. But I so badly wanted to believe her when she talked about freedom, gun rights, life, and of course, working for the people of Wyoming. She was speaking my language.

FINALLY, someone was. And it was this rad CHICK saying it …

I even sat in on some of her earlier campaign calls to find ways to support her.

Right?! Totally in

It wasn’t until 2016 (the year we left Wyoming) that Liz finally won her seat in Congress and truth be told, I was thrilled for her. Yeah yeah, people had been telling me she wasn’t from there and didn’t really live there but if you know me at all, you know I wasn’t having any of it. And for many years she gave me no reason to doubt her, voting as a conservative, doing what made sense for Wyoming … you know, actually working to represent the state. Then 2020 came around and everything changed.

Before I talk about the last couple of years I want to make one thing very very very clear here, this is not about Trump for me. I mean, do I think it’s bizarre that she would vote with the guy 93% of the time and then sit on a committee trying to end his political career? Yes. But my issue is with HER and her alone.

Somewhere along the line, Liz forgot her literal job was to represent the people of Wyoming. Not herself and certainly not the establishment or the Democratic Party, and that’s what gets me the most. That’s what doesn’t sit well, that she turned her back on the people who gave her the power in the first place. Oh, and using January 6 as a means to all but vilify half of this country, the half who supported her, seemed like such a betrayal. An absolute knife in the back.

If you follow me at all on Twitter you know I’m not subtle and I ‘went off’ on her when she was handpicked by Nancy Pelosi to sit on this committee. Not over Trump, but over Wyoming. At the time it appeared she had unfollowed me, so I called her out for that as well. She then MESSAGED me to insist she hadn’t unfollowed me and offered to talk on the phone about what she was doing. Again, bought it. I went so far as to schedule a time with her to talk because I really did want to understand what she was thinking …

She never called.

And I haven’t heard from her since then.

Probably because she’s gotten even worse since our last ‘talk,’ with these ridiculous hearings that she’s treated as some sort of primetime circus. Clearly, this is not about ‘the rule of law,’ or the Constitution, or any of the other happy horse crap she keeps pushing in her campaign ads. No, this is about her own political career and what she thinks she can get out of her position with Wyoming … and THAT’S why Wyoming must show her the door.

Why I showed her the door long ago.


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