Nobody likes to be wrong on Twitter. Ok, that’s not entirely true, there are annoying people who enjoy being wrong just to annoy others … but most people like to come across as at least knowing what they’re talking about. For example, Noah Smith really really really likes solar and wind technologies:

We won’t bore you with the entire thread.

You’re welcome.

It’s obvious from the first tweet that it didn’t get any better … comparing people who know solar and wind won’t produce enough energy to power this country to people who were afraid of cars? REALLY? People were more than happy to explain to Noah why he was not only wrong but embarrassingly wrong.

Don’t you need fossil fuels for solar and wind? Ahem.

BUT IT SOUNDS SO PRETTY AND NICE AND STUFF. Wind, sun … Noah would like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.

Heavy, inefficient money grabs. Perfect.

Close to zero for several hours on Tuesday.

Yeah, that’s not good, guys.

His response?




Transportation is everything.



And then he cited himself.

Because you know, that totally proves his argument. Heh.

And again.

Annnd again.

Maybe he thinks if he posts it enough people will believe him?

So far, that hasn’t been the case. Just sayin’.



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