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'THEN pick the alleged crime': Brit Hume sums up EXACTLY what the DOJ was doing with the FBI raid of Trump's home in 1 BRUTAL tweet

While a lot of people are still trying to wrap their heads around what has transpired with the DOJ/FBI and the raid on Trump’s home, Brit Hume keeps shooting us all straight. The best thing about Brit’s tweets is when you read them you always hear them in his voice.


And he is spot-on with his short but not sweet assessment of what’s likely going on with the DOJ.

Brit called it, sorry, not sorry FBI.

First, you select the target, then you decide to search, and then based on what you find, you pick the alleged crime.

Seems shady, but not at all out of bounds for the DOJ/FBI same that we know pushed a hoax for several years because orange man bad.


We imagine as we go on we’ll move on to something else they think they can charge Trump with because this is NOT ABOUT our security, this is not about protecting our country – it’s about keeping Trump from running for president in 2024.


They know it.

We know it.

They know we know it.

They don’t care.

And that’s what makes this whole situation not only infuriating but terrifying as well.



Did Al Franken MEAN to put the final nail in Liz Cheney’s campaign’s coffin because YUP we’re pretty sure he just did (and we can’t stop laughing)

THIS: Mom takes the CDC and their original COVID restrictions APART reminding them what they did to Americans to ‘protect us’ in SAVAGE thread

‘Orwellian’: Karine Jean-Pierre falls apart when even ABC’s Jon Karl doesn’t buy Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will reduce inflation (watch)

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