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Noam Blum OWNS Garland for bragging about how professional the FBI and DOJ are just moments before leaks to the press begin

Merrick Garland came out yesterday and made a big deal about how professional the DOJ and FBI really are and he was super angry with people questioning their integrity and their methods. He admitted he signed off on the ‘search’, refused to take any questions claiming he couldn’t share more, and left.


A few hours later, the leaks began.

At least to their friendly media outlets, like WaPo:

Check out all of that professionalism and integrity.

Leak leak leak.

It’s as if Garland is completely out of touch with his own agency … or he thinks we’re all stupid.

Noam Blum couldn’t help but see the hypocrisy as well:

We all knew what would happen. Merrick would say no questions, then ‘someone familiar with the case or situation’ would leak like a sieve to WaPo.

None of this is all that shocking. Honestly, we’d be more surprised if they didn’t leak it.


Nuclear codes.


Guess people got fussy with Noam, who per the usual, took it in stride.



This whole situation reeks of political targeting and desperation … and the more we find out, the worse it looks. And now we have Trump all but daring the DOJ to release docs associated with the raid? Grab the popcorn.


Bring. It. On: Trump calls Garland’s bluff encouraging the release of docs FBI took from his home annnd the Left just can’t DEAL

Eric Swalwell shares ANOTHER threatening call from ANOTHER southerner who sounds kinda sorta like the LAST guy who threatened him (listen)

BUH-BYE! Liz Cheney tries again to pretend she’s saving MUH REPUBLIC as her primary looms closer and it does NOT go well (watch)

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