Remember way back when, when Rep. Eric Swalwell claimed he was receiving threatening phone calls after he appeared on Tucker Carlson? Probably as a way to somehow paint Tucker’s fans and audience with the same broad, bigoted, ugly, extremist brush. At the time, people couldn’t help but notice the strange southern accent that only someone who didn’t actually live in the south or know any southern people would use if they were impersonating someone from the south.

Welp, Eric received another threat, this time after his comments on the Trump raid.

Note, this is really foul and horrible, so we suggest if you’re in public to use headphones or earbuds before listening:

Awful, right? You’d think he’d be reporting this to the police, not putting his campaign logo on it and putting it on Twitter, if it was real, right? Like, why give this person any sort of notoriety? Call the cops, give them the message, don’t put your logo on it and protect your family.

But we suppose the sweet Twitter cred was more important.

Oh, and that other message? Listen closely … sound familiar?


Right. This one was almost a year ago.

See a pattern yet?

Man, this one very specific southerner really has it in for Eric. Almost like he’s playing a character or a caricature.

Yeah, show us the report. Then we’ll believe him.


His ferret-brained followers seem to lap it up with a spoon.

Hey, there could be one very ticked-off guy who pretends to be a southerner out there who needs help and if this is real we hope Eric does contact the police, file a police report, and take action since this is pretty obviously the same person. However, if it’s not real (and we’re leaning that way), he needs to stop using his family this way. It’s not cool and it’s not at all smart.



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