It’s hard to keep up with the latest and not-so-greatest lies we’re being fed by the Left and the media.

Same difference, we know.

And it’s not just lies, but it’s also the changing of definitions and the spinning of spins and spinning again of what was already been spun … we read this crap every day and even WE find it hard at times to keep up, let alone everyday normal people who don’t subject themselves to the Hell that is politics.

Luckily, Patriot USA was good enough to put all of this into a thread so even someone who barely looks at Twitter (you know, sane people) can get an idea of the deception, deflection, and spin we’re seeing … (insert the ‘we don’t normally cover randos’ policy here):

Keep going.

Ok, the list is good enough that even this nitpicky grammar-crazy editor can ignore the few errors … it’s good stuff.

Remember when Donna Brazile gave Hillary the questions to the CNN debate before it even started? Man, we’d forgotten about that.

These people are corrupt AF.

Bigfoot is more believable than Christine Blasey Ford.


Love that.

Oh, and January 6th is a nothing burger.

The media will always be the media …

But the more we’re able to call them out and educate people on the reality of the current state of this country, the better.

And threads like this get it done.


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‘Social-justice rock/paper/scissors’: Having run out of straight white men to blame, SJW creates ‘white-adjacent privilege’ and LOL

Conservatives respond to FBI Director DENOUNCING their rhetoric after FBI raided Trump’s home and HOOBOY was that ever dumb

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