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Shady AF! Receipt-filled thread shares damning deets about man behind FBI raid on Trump's home (Hillary connection?)

It’s been interesting to watch the DOJ scramble and try to downplay and even avoid taking responsibility for the raid (RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID) on Trump’s home by the FBI. Guess they figured out this was NOT a smart thing to do as they have not only made themselves look like absolute villains, but they’ve turned Trump into a martyr of sorts.


Something we thought NOBODY would ever be able to do.

If their goal was to get the guy elected again they may well have succeeded. Especially when you look at the ‘road to the raid’ and take a gander at the man it appears to have all started with, David Ferriero. Check out this thread from Jason Foster:

This is shocking.

Ok, so it’s related to Hillary Clinton and totally not shocking but still.

Gosh, why would he have done that?

It gets better.



Key words being, ‘or didn’t do.’

Guess he had a change of heart with Trump and his mementos?

But now it does? This is so bizarre.

They should just be honest and admit this is all political and even personal and are doing everything they can to keep Trump from running again.


At least then it wouldn’t be a bunch of BS lies.



Dude, we’re laughing AT YOU, not with you: Noah Smith writes an entire thread claiming it’s the RIGHT who can’t meme and LOLOL

‘How’s Fang Fang, cheater?’ Eric Swalwell gets DROPPED over and over again for getting all big and bad with Trump about the FBI

So a RAID: Lefties and the FBI want everyone to stop calling their raid on Trump’s home a RAID because saying raid makes them look bad

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