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'Randi, I know you're dumb BUT ... ' Randi Weingarten accuses Marco Rubio of anti-Semitism for calling out Soros-backed prosecutors and OOF, it goes so wrong

In a sane world, this tweet wouldn’t be seen as anything more than a senator talking about his or her efforts to make sure dangerous criminals aren’t on the streets. Then again, in a sane world, George Soros wouldn’t have the ability to fund and back so many prosecutors who refuse to put dangerous criminals in jail in the first place, so this is a moot point.


Marco Rubio was on POINT.

And Randi Weingarten called him anti-Semitic for it.

No, we’re not kidding.

This woman really is just a boil on the butt of humanity.

We don’t know why Randi Boom Bandy thinks it’s a better idea to shut down replies when everyone just quote-tweets her anyway, which means more people see her tweet getting dragged than they would have if she had just left replies open, but hey, it just means more Twitchy fodder for us so we ain’t complainin’.

As you can imagine, this did not go well for her:

She’s also a coward, just sayin’.


Remember when Randi fought to keep classrooms shut for two years and then tried to lie and pretend she fought to keep them open? Good times.

Absurd even by Randi’s standards … ouch.


Yes, yes she can be this dense.

To be fair, Randi isn’t the only yahoo doing this:

Sort of like how anyone who criticized Obama was magically a racist.

Looks like new talking points went out …



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Face it, this is NOT about the rich paying their fair share: Dems PROTECT those making $400k or more from being targeted by 87,000 new IRS agents

THIS! Carol Roth owns Paul Krugman (we know, it doesn’t take much) for claiming Biden has added more jobs than Trump in one PERFECT tweet

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