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THIS! Carol Roth owns Paul Krugman (we know, it doesn't take much) for claiming Biden has added more jobs than Trump in one PERFECT tweet

Paul Krugman has to know we’re all just laughing at him at this point, right? Like he has MAYBE a couple of dozen people (likely the few who still think Biden is doing a good job) who actually take him seriously and think he knows what he’s talking about.


We are still not up to pre-pandemic levels with employment, so no, Biden doesn’t get to count people going back to work as ‘jobs created.’ Once he’s past where we were before the government locked us down, shut down our schools, destroyed small businesses, and tried to force employees to get vaccinated THEN they can start claiming they’ve added jobs.

This freakin’ guy.

Paul Krugman … gets it WRONG again!


Carol Roth with the simple TKO.

That’s all we can figure.


Then again, this is the same guy who said the Internet would be a passing fad …




Ok, fine, Carol is nicer than we are. He might have gotten that right.

Dumb and dumber.

Good point. Let’s hear it for capitalism!



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